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Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Patron Saint of Widows & Widowers   2 comments

St-Clare-and-St-Elizabeth-Hungary-Simone-Martini St. Clare and St. Elizabeth

Artist – Simone Martini
Located – The Saint Martin Chapel, Lower Basilica
Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi
Assisi, Perugia – Italy

Prayer to St. Elizabeth of Hungary
Dear Saint Elizabeth, you were always poor in spirit, most generous toward the poor, faithful to your husband, and fully consecrated to your Divine Bridegroom. Grant your help to widows and keep them faithful to their heavenly Lord. Teach them how to cope with their loss and to make use of their time in the service of God. Amen.

Saint Elizabeth Prayer of Widows and Widowers
Lord Jesus Christ, during your earthly life You showed compassion on those who had lost a loved one. Turn your compassionate eyes on me in my sorrow over the loss of my life’s partner. Take him/her into your heavenly kingdom as a reward for his/her earthly service. Help me to cope with my loss by relying on You even more than before.

Teach me to adapt to the new conditions of my life and to continue doing your will as I see it. Enable me to avoid withdrawing from life and make me give myself to others more readily, so that I may continue to live in your grace and to do the tasks that You have laid out for me. Amen.

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

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