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Soaring into Total Joy   Leave a comment

 Fall Oxford
Photo from John Cofield

I had a wonderful, happy dream this morning. I dreamed it was a beautiful fall day. I was in Oxford, MS, on University Avenue, in a yard next door to my Church. The sun was shining, temperature perfect and the leaves were gorgeous colors, in the trees and on the ground. And I was levitating, rising from the ground and soaring through the air, playing and rolling, full of joy. On the one hand, I knew I was dreaming but also believed I was not. I believed that I was really experiencing these things and then also believed that when I woke up, I would be able to rise from the ground and soar through the air by a mere decision to do so. I could see myself and feel myself experiencing not being earthbound. More than anything, I was completely happy and loved being.

Was this a vision of things to come, when I join the angels?

Posted November 13, 2014 by ouidaofs in Dreams, Joy, Love

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