More than a million people crowded the public square of the capital city of communist Poland where God and Christianity were illegal. It was June 1979, and they had gathered to see the recently elected Polish pope, John Paul II. The video of this scene and this day is a cause for joy and a cause for falling on our knees. We know beyond all things that the Holy Spirit was present that day within John Paul II and was moving across the people and filling their hearts. As for the atheist communists – well – there was nothing they could do as God was in control.

Someone shouted, “We want God,” and soon the chant was taken up by the million voices: “We want God. We want God. We want God.” Thus the fall of communism moved forward across Eastern Europe and Russia, and the Berlin wall came down in 1989. It is all history now, so we turn to the present day in the United States.

The United States is on a downward slide in the world, and the news is dominated with hate, violence, corruption, immorality, and evil. Secularism and relativism continue to rise throughout our country and the world. There is a denial, indifference or lukewarmness towards God and the Christian faith, along with the loss of values and character. Age-old sins are manifested as the result of pride and the pursuit of pleasure, possessions and power.

Do we want God? Do we want God? Then we must stand and say so. We must preach the Gospel by the way we live, knowing that God formed us for Himself, and our hearts are restless till they find rest in Him and Him alone.

creation of man - Michaelanelo - good


Posted December 6, 2014 by ouidaofs in Blessed John Paul II, God, Relativism

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