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Today I received my e-mail subscription of The Moynihan Letters, Letter No. 14, “February 17, 2013, Sunday — Next-To-Last Angelus.” In this Letter, the writer, Richard Monynihan, presented his thoughts on why Pope Benedict XVI has decided to resign. The writing is prose that is poetry, a beautiful meditation. As I read, I too longed for God, I longed to ascend the steps of my interior castle, toward the Lord, while I yet live. Yes, while I yet live. Mr. Monyihan began his writing with a simple explanation:

“It is because he wants to pray.

“It is because he wants to ascend the steps of his own interior castle, toward the Lord, while he yet lives.

“It is because he wishes to make through this gesture a final statement, which is this: that the human person, in prayer, in communion with God, is moving toward that which is the end of all our seeking.

“That it is in prayer, in conversation with the hidden, but real, God, that the greatest, final work of any man or woman is accomplished.

“For it is prayer that draws us into the very life of the divinity.

“Benedict is not ending his mission as a man. In some ways, it is just beginning now. For we will all know that, in that small convent in the Vatican gardens, there will be living, though hidden from our eyes, a man in communion with God, supplicating God, listening to God, being silent with God. And in this sense, there will be a pulsing power beyond all the powers of this very technological world which will ascend and descend, from Benedict to God, and from God to Benedict, while he yet lives.

“Benedict is retiring to a life of prayer, but in that prayer, he is giving to the Church, and to the world, the greatest gift that he could give.”

And that is why, tonight in Rome, there was a rainbow over the city, as if to pose a heavenly counter-sign to the lightning bolt that struck the cathedral dome last Monday.

A week that began with mist and rain and thunder ended with cardinals walking toward their last gathering with the Pope, and a rainbow over the eternal city, beginning from the Archangel Michael, above the Castel Sant’Angelo.

I took this as a sign, though no one in the media may report it.
SOURCE: Material quoted from The Moynihan Letters by Dr. Robert B. Moynihan, founder and editor-in-chief of Inside the Vatican magazine.


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