God’s Hidden Sweetness   Leave a comment

 “. . . taste the hidden sweetness
which God himself has reserved
from the beginning
for those who love Him.”
St. Clare of Assisi

This message is not simply for Clare’s sisters, her community, but for us all, men and women alike, for it was Clare who most faithfully lived out the ideals and dreams of Francis of Assisi.  Even in her lifetime, her words of wisdom were food for the Brothers Minor and also for those members of the laity who went to the monastery seeking prayer and guidance.

The preceding lines to this verse above, taken from the first letter of St Clare to Agnes are:

“Place your mind before the mirror of eternity!
Place your soul in the brilliance of glory!
Place your heart in the figure of the divine substance  . . . .” 

They are a beautiful invitation to gaze upon the Lord.

In others words, deliberately and consciously place your mind and thoughts upon eternity, see your life and existence with eternity in view, and allow everything that burdens and distresses you to be seen in God’s magnificent plan for your life.

Place your soul in the light! the Light of God!   And place your heart totally in Jesus Christ, the God man, the Word made flesh.

In your thoughts, in your prayers, look beyond the confines of this world.  It is in this contemplation, this simple gaze, that you will find the hidden sweetness.

Sweetness in the Franciscan tradition is that grace, that touch of God whereby bitterness, that situation, that state which is bitter to us, is changed into sweetness because everything is seen in the light of his love and will.

Practice for the day:  What is the bitterness in my own heart? Pray for grace to find that hidden sweetness which can heal me.

Source:  Poor Clare Colettine Community

See also:  Praying With St. Clare


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