God Is Good

God is good. God is humble. This is the beginning for Franciscan theology. Saint Francis entered into the mystery of God and found these two attributes. In humility God bends over to embrace the world in love, accepting us right where we are, dwelling in the brokenness of our own lives. God is all good, supreme good, totally good.

Almighty God, and You,
my Lord Jesus Christ,
I pray You to enlighten me
and to dispel the darkness
of my spirit; give me
a faith that is without limit,
a hope that is ever unfailing,
and a love that is universal.
Grant, O my God,
that I may really know You
and that I may be guided
in all things
according to Your light
and in conformity to Your will.
– Saint Francis of Assisi –


Posted February 22, 2012 by ouidaofs in Franciscan, Prayer

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